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Way behind - First trip of the season today - solo 6:30 to 9:30am.

Set up in 100 fow off Bill-Mar.

Trolled SW to 150 fow had a double a 12# King on 225 copper - jäger bomb

And a 9# King on rigger 60 down with a 8" Big Wienie & Mirage fly.

9# King headed right to the 225 copper & tangled in the board,

switched between rods and somehow got the board and copper to the

boat and did the hand over hand with both rods 8 times to untangle.

Landed both Kings after 30 minutes of chaos !!

Forgot how much fun and what a zoo it is by yourself.

Made it to 165 fow about half way to Port Sheldon and picked up

Real nice 14# King on 150 cooper with a Blue and silver Imposter spoon.

Stayed in the 165/170 fow lost 2 more fish on rigger 60 down same Big

Wienie and fly and the other was 225 copper with Jäger bomb.

Good time but drive you crazy with only 3 rods in the water !!

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Nice solo job. More action for you alone that most posts I have seen this year of guys with 9 rods out and you got some nice Kings to boot. I love it when that happens :)

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Working with the prosthicist to get setup with the leg. I want things to go faster, but just have to be patient and do it right. Still shooting for July to hopefully be able to get out on a boat.

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