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Anybody seen results anywhere? I'm curious as to what the catch mix was? Any significant kings or all lakers and steel? No news seems to me to be bad news......anybody?

We had lots of kings Thursday and Friday. 20 fish on Thursday and 14 on Friday mostly kings. Saturday 4 of our 12 were kings, Sunday 5 of our 12 were kings. A buddy of mine fished 4 hours this am and had 6 fish,5kings

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I went to the site and found alot of very dated info and no results - must be looking at the wrong site.

Anyone got a direct link to the results from the tourney?

I have yet to get the boat wet due to too much other stuff (not much fun either) but would like to chase some kings soon. At least need to get out before the alewives come in and stop the bite - the usual June swoon.

Was all of the king action deep and south or were there some catches up towards Muskegon (my port)?

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It was tough fishing for sure saturday we fished between gh and port sheldon and put 9 lakers in the box then couldnt find any silver fish lost one in 130 sunday was real tough the rough seas made it hard to get a good troll going only boated 4 lakers

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