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If you own a boat that has insurance, you owe it to yourself to give Bob a call!...

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I switched 3 years ago, it was refreshing buying a product from someone who understood fishing. Plus he talked me through a replacement value policy, which makes me feel better. My prior policy and my policy through Bob were both with the same company but he was able to get more coverage for a little less money. It is worth the phone call for sure.

Paul C.

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I had a Fremont Insurance policy through Worldwide for several years. All of a sudden, my coverage was dropped. Upon investigation, it was Fremont that dropped Worldwide due to some questionable claims and Worldwide left me high and dry. I moved my business to a local independent agent who offered me the same coverage through Fremont. So buyer beware. My association with Worldwide was excellent for several years, then it all went sour.

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I know MANY people who have coverage through Worldwide(close to 100). I know of no one that has been unhappy when they needed to make a claim. Everyone had proper coverage.

Just relaying my experience with them. I was a satisfied customer for several years and never had a claim. Then was notified that they would no longer be able to provide coverage through the insurer Fremont Insurance Co. As I understood it, Fremont ceased doing business with Worldwide and Worldwide was not able to provide replacement coverage for me (I don't remember why). A day later, I had a policy renewal from Fremont Insurance through a Ludington Insurance agency, so it wasn't Fremont that was my problem, it was Worldwide. That's what happened. When I first obtained coverage through Worldwide, I had the same "these guys are boaters" kind of feeling. Not sure exactly what happened to create the cancellation of coverage, but it was nothing I did.

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