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2cd Trip 5-28-2015

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It was a tough bite after the storms on the W side. Maybe next trip I'll try the East side. Sorry about the late report but I had some things that I had to take care of. Sorry about no pics as the camera is still on the boat.

Joe, Bob, and I started by doing some scouting. There were nets all over one of my favorite spots off Au Gres. We first set lines in 37 FOW with no takers. More scouting. Set lines in 24 FOW with no takers early but finally picked up a fish that went in the box so I circled back. It was already getting late as I had 2 GM 2cd shift workers onboard and needed to be in by 1PM. I finally figured out that they wanted it sloooow and I mean ice out slooooow. I don't think I ever ran below 1 MPH in late May before. The last hr of fishing I was between 0.7 and 1.0 MPH depending on direction. A glow green on a down rod took 6 out of 12 eyes. We also took a 13-1/2" perch that will be on my dinner plate tonight. We could have filled up with 3 more fish if we had another 1/2- 1 hr fishing time. Just too slow figuring it all out. The radio was full of doom and gloom. I gave out the information to slooooow it down over the radio to a few friends, and all that were listening on 68. The same info was phoned to some friends. There were suspended fish that just wouldn't go so we scraped all of them off the bottom. 3oz BB off the down rods and 2oz off the boards. Spinner rigs with meat. Light bite to say the least.:)

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