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Headed out at about 7:00 pm and fished until 10:30. Set lines in 150 FOW just south of PS and stayed between 160 and 130 fishing southwest and southeast trolls.

Went 4 for 6. Caught three 10-15 inch salmon that were thrown back. Caught one 10 lb. king and missed two others around that size or bigger. Most of the action was in 140 FOW between 9:00 and 10:00 trolling southeast.

2/2 on rigger down about 40 with green dolphin spoon. (both shakers)

2/2 on 250 copper with flounder pounder spoon took (one adult and one shaker)

0/2 on diver 120 back set on "3" with mountain dew spinnie and proctologist fly. (both adult kings. one was lost quickly, the other at the back of the boat)

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