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We heard of some action off Racine so wanted to take advantage of shorter drive. Shallow bite remains inconsistent and a few kings taken early AM so headed to third hill south of town. One small king (no adipose) and a nice bow finding little on the screen with 48.8 surface so headed east after 1.5hrs. As we crossed 140 noted surface temp down to 47. Guy at the launch said a 3 degree change 185 fow off Kenosha yesterday so despite no bites kept heading east. Up to 49.5 when we hit 180 and 3 quick bites so just kept working that area picking one here one there. Too many bites to leave but not that fast. Around 7 boats within 1.5mi and a friend had his 10 by 1030 a mix of spoons and flasher/fly deepest rigger bite 37 working 185-210. Other 2 boats reporting catches of 6 and 4 slightly north of us.

Bite slowed so with 9 in the box headed north on 190 contour then WNW. Close to a mile between bites taking our last one 162fow. Sure was a desert for us 100-160fow both in and out passes. I still wonder if I should have kept working first area in 180-210. I hoped by moving we might find more bow action or the elusive kings. Similar to past years this time of year not uncommon to find fish where you find warmer water outside of colder water. No visible break lines so had to pay attn. to temp. Early AM flat seas and 4 and 5 colors working. SE wind and a little chop and 2-3 colors better. Ended 13/15 with 1 King, 2 bows, 1 LT and 9 coho.

Kicker running erratically so need to figure out what’s wrong before hitting it again. New gas line/bulb, fuel filter and carb job so likely expensive ignition module. Would run for 1-1.5hr then kill abruptly then unable to start for around 15 min then would run like a top. I don’t want to try to fish with the 200hp 2 stroke for fear of fouling plugs and getting stranded.

Grey Beard

Mono 30’ Dark Copper Thin Fish 0-0 change to 2 color Brad’s Groucho 2-2

Mono 30’ Gold/Red Thin Fish 1/1 change to 3 color red flasher/dbl aqua peanut 0/0 Change to Brad’s new cut plug Popcorn 1/1

2 color Red Flasher LBB peanut 0/0

3 color Brad’s mini Lady Bug 1/1

4 color reg Dirty Oz 0/0 change to Brad’s new cut plug Sa-Weet 2/3

5 color Dble Purple Spook 1/1 change to Brad’s new cut plug Sa-Weet 2/2

3 set dipsy 20-35loc Red Flasher purple/copper/black peanut 0/1

3 set dipsy 30loc Big Al’s doubled with mini Hot Pink 0/0

1.5 set dipsys 30-75 loc Big Al’s doubled with mini Lady Bug 0/0 change to Raider reg dbl orange crush 1/1

Rigger 12-25 SWR reg dirty Oz 0/0 Raider Reg Bloody Puke 0/0, Herman special 0/0

Rigger 35-50 white dodger/LBB teaser Spotted Cow 0/0 chng to smoke dodger/Brad’s Sea Hawk 1/1

Rigger 20-35 Blue/glow Big Al purple teaser/Brad’s Purple Frog 1/1

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