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30 Pound Plus

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Thats one heck of a fish. Whats that spin doc called that you got there i might need one lol

that one is called green nuclear (or perhaps nuclear green)

that one has been a super flasher for me this year mated with either an Atommik blue glow hammer or Atommik pro-am fly.


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October 4, 2011 I was fishing for steelhead and had a hit on a spawnbag and brought in a 37 inch female that just tipped the scale at 30 lbs. No picture was taken as I did not have my camera handy at the time. My first 30 in about 10 years. There was a time that 30 pounders were not uncommon.

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Here are two that ALMOST made it... Notice the trend... De is a big fish MAGNET!!!

Denise with her 29.6 pound tournament winner


28 and change...


And since this thread got a little sidetracked, My son Mike with his 90 lb butt on Prince William sound...


Hope this works... Been a while since I used Photobucket! LOL

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I believe that 5 fish were turned in this year that hit 30 pounds (Chinook Salmon) all 5 were caught in rivers. Interesting. Due to the fact that I was running late for work I never had mine certified, photographed, or entered it in the master angler contest but it was also caught in a river. I also landed 2 at 24 pounds 1 at 25 pounds and 1 at 26 pounds. Those fish were all caught in September out in the big lake. I would bet that real soon N Lake Huron will cough up a state record king.

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