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Tue 5-26-15 Shakedown Trip

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I fished with Skip S, and Adam A for a tough three man limit. We started shallow and picked up 4 walleye and a 33" Pike. The action was sloooooow so we decided to move. We set down a couple of places and didn't set up until we found some deeper fish. It wasn't fast action but we picked away for a three person limit. 1.2-1.5 MPH SOG. A glow green blade was our best, followed closely by a hammered copper. Antifreeze also took a fish or two. 1,2, and 3 oz BB with harnesses. We fished in 6-28 FOW. Water temps were 60-64 degrees. It was a beautiful day with waves 1' to 1-1/2'. I may try for a Thursday run if the weather allows. Just trying to get tuned back in.:) I think the fish were feeding all night on bugs. I didn't find anything but bugs in their stomachs. Our biggest walleye was 19" and we farmed 2 keepers.:)

Thank you Skip and Adam for joining me.

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Great job on your shakedown outing Frank!

Keep in touch Kevin. We need to trade a trip. Thanks for your info. We picked a starting point around the horn and into the shallows. It didn't produce like I had hoped but the skunk jumped out of the box and we were on our way. I'm launching Au Gres tomorrow. Give me a call when you get back over this way.:)

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