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Well we left the slip @ 6:30, set up just south in 65 FOW, marked a ton of bait and fish in there, started a SW troll, setup included 3 color, 4 color, 5color, 6 color and 2 10 color rigs dipsy on 1 out 80 and 100, riggers at 35 46 and 2 on the bottom with fixed sliders.

First fish was on the 10 color 6#King spoon was a stinger lemonlime. next we got a nice king on rigger down 46 stinger orange killer. Then it went dead. Decided finally at 10:30 to go back to where we were last sunday. Trolled south in 77 to 85 FOW and found some cooperative Kings. First one was on a 10 color with a stinger glow Christmas, then one of the fixed sliders with pink panties spoon went. Both Kings around 15# While landing the 2 fish a third went on 4 color, and we had our first Laker of the day (only one too) on a stinger Orange Killer. Last of the 6 we ended up with was on a 300 copper with a Stingray lemon lime glow. Not bad for a day when the Charter boats were struggling too.




Port of St Joseph

Fish count 2015

Kings 17

Coho 17

Steelhead 3

Lake Trout 26

Brown Trout

Total 69

Trips 7

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