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Set lines at 4 pm in 180 fow and started working SE in the ever growing east wind. Got a little choppy for my boat and we even had a little water break over the bow at one point. We pretty slow for most of the trip with us picking up 4 fish between 4 and 8 pm - 1 nice king, 1 nice steelie, a shaker king, and a 3 lb king. At 8 pm we found ourselves in 80 fow and I put out a couple divers (only riggers and coppers up to this point). I didn't take long until the divers started going - nice kings! From 8:30 pm to 9:30 pm or so we went 6-6, all kings - 3 around 15 lbs. All in 80-65 fow NE troll.

What worked:

1-1 rigger 70 ft, Dreamweaver mag dbl UV Caramel Dolphin - King

1-1 rigger fixed slider 40 ft - Silver Streak regular Veggie Delight - Steelhead

1-1 200 copper - Dreamweaver SS Steelie Dan - shaker king

2-2 6 color - unknown spoon (I'll take a picture later) - 3 lb king, king

2-2 Mag dipsy diver on wire back 65 - Spin Doctor Blue Bubble/Poofster Fly - 2 kings

2-2 Slide diver back 75 - Protroll 8" Bikini Dots - UV arctic blast fly - 2 kings

1-1 300 copper - Silver Streak mag Blue Dolphin - king.

I'll post pictures of the lures later.

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