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Saturday fished south haven wmfl.

Ended up 4 for 10.

Got through the pier heads about 605am and headed a little south and setup in 90 on a NW. Trolled north for an hour before coming back SE. Turned back NW a little north of port when we found some marks and picked away hits about twice an hour. A lot of short strikes or short lived fights lost our first 3 fish. All between 115 and 125 on the same line NW and SE. 2.7 at the ball

We ended up 3 for 8 at this point. Both divers back 110 to 135 with green dots pro trolls and rapture hitman mirage noseeum flys took half the hits. 300 copper with magnum flounder pounder had 3 hits. Also had a drive by on 5 color with prototype orange superslim and a small laker on glow green meat rig with glow frog 8in spin doctor.

With time running out and needing silver we pushed out a little deeper and changed up the spread to more stingers and superslim and managed to take a steelie in 150 on 5 color with stinger uv veggies. Before pulling lines.

Sunday left out of holland around 7am and setup in the sliders around 140 fow. Ended up 4 for 5

Worked north and south between 125 and 160 for 4 hours with only a short strike to show for it. Tons of fish on the graph. Got a word from a friend there was a small scum line with some fish in 175 and went out there and setup a stinger and superslim spread speeding up to 3.2 at the ball.

Took 2 small steelie first pass north. Both on 5 color double orange crush superslim. Coming back south rigger down 80 with superslim hawg wild takes 10 lb king. Made a couple more passes and managed a small laker before calling it a day.

Tough fishing but it was a beautiful weekend on the water

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