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Time 4:00 p.m. Started at 60' of water straight out of Grand Haven. Got first pole in water just fine, but by the time I got all 6 out I was in 100' of water. First trip out this year and poles needed some work. Marked 2 fish one on 80' and another in 100' chasing schools of bait fish. Fun to see that stuff on the graph. Hit 120' of water headed straight south all day. Weaved in out of 130' to 100' of water. Three for three day. First fish on Yellow Tail Silver Streak Spoon (still by far my most productive spoon) on torpedo diver cuda 180 feet back 7lb Lake trout. Second fish on Paddle 11 - White-Mountain Dew/Glow Crush with mountain dew fly on large green dipsie diver 180 back 3lb laker. Last fish taken on my wallye board on a Green dolphin spoon aprox 30' feet down 12" small king. Released all fish besides 7lb laker. I only marked 3 fish all day. stopped fishing at 8:30. I'm a little nervous with the number of fish taken and seen on people's graphs. Where are they? Or are they just not in the lake?

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