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Last outing for me was 26 Aug when I tore my rotator cuff when I tripped and fell awkwardly crossing the trailer tongue so I was excited to test the water and the shoulder. This was also first time with the new transom beautifully re-done during my hiatus.

We headed out of Kenosha harbor 0530 finding 48.5 surface temp and setup on the edge of their hill in 65fow. The 6mph forecast was off and more like double that plus gusts with lots of white caps. First 2 bites came on an experiment attaching 8†red/silver Big Al’s to my dipsy snubber, leader to 6†red/silver with 42†lead to Brad’s Mini cut plug Hot Pink 3 set 20 loc. I saw a similar setup on TV and thought all that commotion would attract Coho. Later similar setup on 1.5 set wire dipsy 50loc and Brad’s mini Lady Bug took our biggest bow.

Only those two bites by 130fow and didn’t want to go further east in those 3 footers so headed back to the hill where I had marked some fish. We speared a few waves quartering SW taking 3 that slid some water onto my bow deck that cascaded over the windshield on to our laps. No danger just sloppy. Got to the edge of the hill 70fow for our next bite then worked south along the edge to 1mi north of IL state line. We had 7 in the box by then and wondering if we should chance it and troll to shallow water but around 915 wind backed off. Cconsidering all the charters we saw were east of us turned out. When we hit 135 fow had 3 quick ones so finished our day working those waypts boxing another 5. Brad’s has some new Thin Fish colors you can see on their Face Book page. I gave the Wonder Bread a little time but changed to last year’s hot Thin Fish Dark Copper 30 back on mono that took 2 bows and a Coho. Similar setup on other side with Gold/Red took a bow and a Coho. Ended 15 for 16 with 6 bows and 9 Coho and nothing over 5#. The camera battery was low so only one picture.

Surface temp out there was 43.5 and 42.5 down 50. DX-10 Depth Raider speed 2.2-2.5. Marked very little in deep water but what we did was 80 down to the bottom. Looks like rain in the forecast the next few days with easterly winds so may be awhile before hitting the big pond. Crappies are on their beds. Shoulder held up!

Grey Beard

Mono 30’ Wonderbread ThinFish 0-0 change to Dark Copper 3/ 3

Mono 30’ Red/black squiggles 0-0 change to Gold/Red 2/ 2

Mono 30’ 3/8 oz sinker Red Flasher/LBB peanut fly 2/ 2

2 color Red Flasher double aqua peanut 1/1. Change to 3 color 1/1

2 color Red Flasher purple/copper/black peanut 0-0 chng to mini Hot Pink 1/1

5 color Brad’s new cut plug Sa-Weet 1/1

3 set dipsy 25loc Red Flasher purple/copper/black peanut 2/2

3 set dipsy 30loc Big Al’s doubled with mini Hot Pink 1-2

1.5 set dipys 25 to 50 loc Big Al’s doubled with mini Lady Bug 1/1

Rigger 8’ to 20’ Red Flasher double aqua peanut 0/0 chng to SWR reg dirty Oz 0/0

Rigger 40-135 white dodger/LBB teaser Spotted Cow 0/0 chng to new Twisted Sister 0/0

Rigger 15-50 Red Flasher/LBB peanut fly change to Big Al and mini Wonderbread 0/0


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