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5/17/15, Saginaw Bay, Au Gres, Fishing ReportMy clients limited out on walleye...

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5/17/15, Saginaw Bay, Au Gres, Fishing Report

My clients limited out on walleyes the past two days in a row. Today we ran back to the same spot where we had found success yesterday, but most of the fish had moved out of that vast area as we moved three times there and did not find any concentrations of active fish. It was good there while it lasted though with easy, quick limit catches there on every trip for the past week. When we were running to that spot this morning, I noticed a lot of fish marks on my sonar where I had not seen fish so far this year. After failing miserably at our first spots, we then ran to that fishy look location and started catching walleyes before I could even get all the lines set. We had 20 walleyes on in the first hour there, but the bite was light though and we lost more than we caught. I could only get them to bite at a slow trolling speed of 1.2 to 1.3 mph, so loosing a lot of fish is typical at those speeds. The lost fish didn't mater though as we kept picking away at them until my clients had boxed their limits of fine walleyes. One of my anglers today was surprised that I was using rather heavy, 3 ounce bottom bouncers, but when we set up in that second deep water spot, those heavy weights were mandatory to get the lures down to the bottom hugging fish. I only marked one fish up off bottom there: All the rest were tight to the lake-bed. Had it not been for quality electronics, we would have never spotted those fish while running over them earlier at high speeds. If you don't have a fish finder that can identify bottom hugging fish at speeds over 25 mph, then it is a real handicap on the Bay. I scout fishing areas at high speeds a lot and that ability puts me on a lot of fish that I would have otherwise have missed.

Capt. Mike Veine


Posted By Capt. Mike Veine of Trophy Specialist Charters


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Nice Job Mike on the fish. We went out of Au Gres on Sun a.m. for a couple hours. We set up in 24 ft of water and fished anywhere from 24-28 ft of water and marked a lot of fish, but didn't have the luck you did. Can you tell me what depth of water you were fishing?

Thanks, Tim

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This a guide of useful information that should be in your report.

Always start your report with the port you are fishing out of for the title.

Add the times(you can use AM or PM) you were out.

Number of fish caught and lost. example.....6 for 9

How many FOW(foot of water)

SOG(speed over ground) or speed at the ball.

Water temp at ball.

What depth your baits were down or set up used. example....rigger at 45', wire diver on 3 with 185' of line out, full core, or 300' of copper, etc, etc, etc....

Baits your caught the fish on.

Direction of troll

Wave conditions

Everyone loves to look at pictures. Try to include pictures in your post.

You do not have to fill in all the details, but as much information as possible is very much appreciated!

A fishing report without any details is just a bragging post.


Is it spring yet?

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Tim, Mike is a regular reporter here who gives some very detailed reports, more than almost all the charter captains here or any other forum I've been on. Please accept the great info given and don't be critical with requests for the info that "should be in your reports".

The charter captains are doing this for a living and don't really want the rec fleet trailing their every move but Mike gives a ton of info to be successful. It is a lot easier for them to keep it themselves so we really appreciate his contributions to GLF. The private message function is also a good idea to use for more questions. Some guys are willing to share locations via PM rather than posting it for numerous people who never share a bit of info themselves here. Mike's reports are getting 150 to 300 views with some not getting so much as 1 thanks or good job in reply.

Since you have been a member/lurker since 2010, we are still looking forward to seeing some of your detailed fishing reports in addition to the requests for information.

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Guys I wasn't looking for a argument on who posts more or less, but rather some help on what I might have been doing wrong. I never asked for gps coordinates or what types of baits. I was hoping for a response of hey, I was a little deeper or shallower. I only fish the bay 3 times per year and always seem to do well, but not this time. So I was just asking a simple question. Its because of these forums that can help the fisherman who can only get out a few times be successful. I enjoy reading all the posts fisherman report the week leading to my fish. I will be fishing in two weeks and hope to have something great to report.

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Also need to remember these posts are auto generated from his Facebook page. He very well hasn't logged on here to check replies.

Thank You for pointing that out.

Whenever you see the GLF Pro-staff signature it's from a Facebook post.

Good luck Tim on the bay, and let us know how you did.

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Any report is better than no report. Mike gives a quite a bit of information in his reports. I use the reports that are posted here and post a quite a few of them myself. Fishing is just that and not about pulling limits every time. There are so many variables that need to be addressed and these can vary from boat to boat. Fishing is a learning experience. There is absolutely no substitute for time spent on the water. Besides time spent on the water there needs to be a lot of prep time onshore to be successful. I have fished on other boats and started the trip by doing a lot of things that could have been done a lot easier at home. Ya have to do everything right for your particular situation and fine tune a program that works well for you.:)

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