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Fished out of Holland last night. Finished 5 for 5. Three Kings and Two Lakers. Kings were 9 lbs, 10 lbs, and 14 lbs.

Started in 80 fow and headed to 115'. Marked a bunch early but no takers. Worked back in and started marking again from 85' to 75'. Spent the rest of the night working that water.

No action until we put out a dipsy with a white spin doctor. The dipsy never went, but the 250 copper on that side of the boat went 15 minutes later. Laker on blue dolphin. Put the 250 copper back out and it went again. Another laker.

Wasn't sure if the spin doctor had anything to do with it, but I decided to put another one out on the other side (port) of the boat. Within 30 minutes the 10 color next to it went. 10 lb king on blue/purple spoon. 9lb king came next on port side rigger down 61' with blue dolphin. Last king of the night came on the 300 copper (also port side) with purple spoon.

Only 1 of the 3 kings had a fin clipped. The 9lb king did not look healthy. Weird long sore on its stomach, and loosing its scales. The other two kings looked great.

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