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Duluth anyone?

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Got out two weeks ago on a gorgeous Saturday and trolled the Duluth entry up to glen sheen and back. Not a bump. Lots of boats out then. My son ran the sand to the superior entry and had one bump but no hook up. Landing talk was similar results, it's early, water temp needs to warm up. Just wondering if there are any other reports that might be more recent. B. C.

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Thanks for posting. How long has the ice been gone and what are the water temps?

Frank, the current temps are 36 to 38. The smelt are starting to show up to spawn and that usually brings lots of predator fish. This weekend highs are predicted to be near seventy. Hope the wind cooperates. BC

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We were the first boat on the pond in front of the beach Saturday morning. Trolled from the Duluth to the Superior entries. Did not mark a thing until we were close to Superior's entry. Water temps ranged from 36 to 44 degrees:eek:. After a few hours the circus showed up, lot's of boats (probably due to it being such a gorgeous day). In six and a half hours we had three bumps, all on the dipsies. Came home with one coho. Never saw a net lifted. Was told out of three charters only one coho was caught. Plenty of smelt and fish chasing them on the graph. Just too cold too early. Hopefully in two weeks the water will warm and the fish will be more active. BC

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