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I just ordered a new, state of the art, sonar and GPS mapping unit. This one wi...

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Mike, Technology is GRRRR8. There are so many walleye in the Bay you will not know which way to turn with that high tech gizmo. They're under the boat and off to the right no over to the left.:lol: I know it will be a handy tool in your capable hands.:)

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OK, I'll bite . . . .

Which brand? What model? How much $

My budget is limited, and I'm leaning toward the Hummingbird Helix 5 for $500

Think Spring !!!!!!!!!

Hope you didn't do that. A lot better deals than $500. That doesn't have the down or side imaging does it?

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I'm not a big fan of the DI and SI since I just troll the bay for the eyes which are everwhere:lol: But here's a site I ordered a Hummingbird 597hdci on for cheap. They discontinued that model so over half off. Also I think this is the one your looking for. Look around for codes to put in for more off.....http://www.overtons.com/modperl/product/details.cgi?pdesc=Humminbird-Helix-5-SI-Fishfinder-GPS-Combo&i=831917

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Thanks for the info.

I still would want side imaging, as the bay is so shallow I'd rather be able to look sideways rather than just straight down.

I've been waiting for the spring sales, and I don't think the prices will get any better.

I fixed my dock last weekend, and if the weather holds I'll pull the boat out of storage this weekend and add the kicker motor, wash down pump, second battery, rod holders . . . adn if I have any $ left the Helix5.

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I considered the dragonfly for much the same reason as the Helix5; lots of features at a good price.

However, my understanding of the dragonfly is that it only has downscan, not sidescan.

I just can't buy a new sonar/gps without sidescan :no: right or wrong.

my 2cents

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