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What Graph to get to use with an Auto Pilot


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I am having a little bit of a crisis i was hoping to get some thoughts on. I am looking to replace my two lowrance elite 4 units on board with a new electronic but also want to put an auto pilot on the boat. I run with a 120 Merc and a 9.9 kicker (connected manually by the connector rod). I would like to get a Lowrance unit with their new auto pilot but not sure...Can i use that auto pilot with my motor and do i have to get the HDS Gen 2? I really don't want to spend a TON of money but given the price of auto pilots this might be the best option for me without having to switch brands of electronics. I think i can get the Lowrance auto pilot for 999.99 and cabelas has a 300.00 mail in rebate so that might be my best option. It is either auto pilot this year or it is a probe. I don't have one but mainly fish lake superior being from that area with an occasional run to MI a few times a year. Thoughts?

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Unless you have hydraulic steering that autopilot will not work. The cable one is more money

Even if you do have hydraulic the Lowrance kit supplies the smallest pump ive ever seen on an autopilot. It is about half the size of a typical autopilot pump, a small pump limits its performance in making coarse changes. That compounded with the relatively low quality sensors they have to use to keep the price down and the high demand on the autopilot for trolling I don't believe it will be your best option.

This autopilot will probably work fine on cruisers but I am doubtful of its trolling ability. A Simrad system or even a Garmin system will network with your Lowrance id probably examine more options before making a decision. Most modern autopilots will network with almost any current GPS, anything with NMEA.

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I run a Raymarine EV-200 with the sport drive. I have a 25ft cable steered boat. Trolls down to 1.5mph with no issues and handles the waves just fine. I paired it up with a A7 series graph/plotter from Raymarine. I love the combo.

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