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Hey guys, I was just looking to get a couple more coppers for my spread this year and I wanted some input on what lengths to get. Right now I have a 150, a 225, a 300, a 400, and a 450. I also have 2 three colors, a four color, and a five color to cover the top of the water column. I'm looking to get 3 more coppers so I was wondering what lengths would you guys get if you had what I have right now? I'm debating against getting a 175, 200, and 250 or switching one of those out with a 350? I'm not into the whole dive bomb/inline weight thing so keep that in mind. Thanks guys.

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first welcome to the site. i think you have it pretty covered with what you have. take what you think is the most productive for you and duplicate at least one of that length. then maybe the 2nd most and one new length or do 2 new lengths. i think the lengths you mention would be what i go with. personal preference but i like copper better than leadcore so i would make a couple shortys.

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During the summer, day in and day out a 300 copper has been the best length I got. I have two of them, one for each side of the boat.

Last few years, most days once the morning bite starts to slow one 300 gets a Mag stinger, usually a NBK, and the other side gets a plug. That program as really put a lot of fish in the box for me.

So a 300 for sure.

Good luck


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Something else to try would be a larger diameter copper (60# versus 45#). We tried that last year. I liked the idea because I could get the same depth with less line out. It worked out good and we took as many hits on it as our other coppers. I was worried about fighting the weight of the copper instead of the fish, but because you can have less line out I think it's a wash compared to a lower diameter with more line out.

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I would double up on 225 and 300. These coppers are in the water most days for me.

Dittto. I hate running the 450 coppers, it takes all the fun out of the fish. I catch more fish on the 225, and 300 bloodrun copper that on the other lengths. My spring setup doesn't even have copper in the mix. I use 2 to 10 colors, usually 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, and 10 colors and when I have to add copper I run the 225. Later in Summer when the fish are deeper I just put away the leadcore short cores until we go Steelhead fishing.

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After letting out the 300 copper how much line do I let out before deploying inline board to insure it goes to depth? Thank you!

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It will be interesting to see what other guys say. I clip the board on within 2 - 3 feet of the copper. This way I always check this area on the mono for nicks and abrasions.

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