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I have a gift card to use and need some more flashers. Curious your top "go-to" brands, colors, sizes? The ones you need to have in the water almost all the time... There are so many out there now it can be hard to know where to start. I'd rather go with something that's been proven by my fellow fisherman. FYI - I'm in West Michigan and fish out of Port Sheldon. Thanks!

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White pearl paddle 8 and 11 inch.

Livewire spin doctor 8 inch

Green froggy spin doctor

Michigan stinger jeans paddles in blue green and yellow

Uv fish scale paddle

DW paddle emerald green/ crush glow

Dreamweaver double crush glow spinnies

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8 in Spindoctor, its the first of their UV that I saw, package simply says UV Crush or UV Crush/UV slick, has a bluish tint

8 in Spindoctor, wrapped Lightsaver

8 in Spindoctor, white with glow/metallic green

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My best has been a white/glow fish catcher with a couple added strips of green tape. I only fish a handful of times per year but that usually catches at least 1 fish per trip each year.

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First thing in the morning a Dreamweaver 11" paddle glow with white crush glow tape or the Dreamweaver 11" with the UV pearl slick tape.

After the sun is up a Dreamweaver 11" blue bubble or mountain dew. If the 11" is too much for them I just switch out to the 8" spin doctors in the same colors.

good luck out there


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