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NM 0183 wire?


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NMEA 0183 comm cable must be a twisted pair 22AWG wire with at least 95 percent shielding. NMEA 0183 wire is usually a 6 conductor wire with one of them being a bare shield which allows for 2 comm channels and a common ground. In a pinch if you cant find any Ethernet wire will work, its just one size small but it will work as a temporary solution.

Barrier strips are the approved method of termination but ive used Scotch Lock connectors in the past and even though they are not approved by NMEA personally believe they are just as good.

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All nmea wires should be stranded tinned wires so you should find the same with your autopilot connection as well. The Scotchloks were originally designed for telephone wire which is solid but it will also work well on stranded wire. Garmin actually provides them with their units to make such connections.

Both the red 3 wire connectors and the Yellow 2 wire connectors will work.

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