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12lb ANDE is the lightest that I will go. I have that on my rigger rods. I have 17 or 20 XT-Trilene for planer rods, 25lb mono, 50lb braid and 30lb wire for my divers

I know years back fishing with Adjusted (Mark) we used 10lb ANDE on the riggers.


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I'd say part of the answer to this question is in the confidence you have with the quality of your reels. I've read many of the same articles about using light line to land large fish.

Me personally, my best reels I feel completely confident using the 15lb mono I normally use. I have a couple of 'sketchy' reels I'm not as confident with I'll use 20lb mono. I also use snubbers on all of my divers with heavier leaders.

I don't carry any line other than leaders heavier than 25lb. Although, to be honest, this will be only my 5th season fishing L. MI, so maybe I'm not best person to listen to..........

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