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Limit of squirrels 1-18-2015


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Anyone on here small game hunt? Hit the woods early this morning with my brother in law. Private land in grand haven twp. We ended 10/11 on squirrels. Went 4/5 from 8am-10:30am and went inside for a quick brunch. Came back out at 11:30am and finished our last 6 by 1:30pm. Beautiful day to be out in the woods. We easily saw 15 squirrels today but a few were too quick in the tree tops. All squirrels were taken with a .17hmr, perfect for a quick, clean kill. Can't wait to get out again!


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Nice! I went rabbit hunting yesterday. Took my dog out for the first time. She put one out in front of me, but didn't like the sound of the shotgun. She slept good list night.

Nice job on the squirrels. Great way to spend a winters day.

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