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Fished out of Holland 7am to noon. Slow fishin ended 3-4. All came in 130 to 145 fow about 60 down. 1 8lb King early on Stinger Nitro off rigger, lost fish on wire dipsy, green 8" SD Proctologist fly, then nothing till 11am. Tried about every thing in between. Went out to 190 and back. Hit a double at 11am on way back in 135 ft (go figure). 10lb King on wire dipsy white SD, mirage fly. Friend bringing that in then off goes the 10 color lead w/small dive bomb, RV MS Mong Beef. Decent 8lb Steelie.

Marked a lot of fish between 125 and 145 all morning mostly 60 down to 100.

Bigger King had 8 6" alewives in it.

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We fished on Saturday also, ended 3 for 4 with all Steelheads, one on a 3 color, regular orange spoon, one on a high diver, mtn dew spinny and another on a mixed veggie--9 color. Started at 150, (caught one on the way out oat 187 then went out to 240, and back in to 120. We caught two in that same 135-145 water the author of the report refers to. Pretty slow overall, but the day itself warmed nicely and the waves laid down some after 11:00am.

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