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Slow fishing Saturday am, but we managed to end up 6-6 on the day. Couldn't find any sort of pattern and we fished from 100 to 250 fow starting with a variety of spoon types/patterns in the morning, and switching over to all superslims (SS) around 9:30 am. No consistent troll direction as we picked up fish going west, east, northeast, and south. There was also very little cold water in the area and we found 59 degree water on the surface - and 57 degree water down 150 feet.

What worked:

Steelhead - 400 copper, w troll @ 3 mph, 160 fow, mag blue dolphin streak

Lake Trout - 100 copper, w troll @ 3.8 mph, 180 fow, Steelie Dan SS

Lake Trout - Rigger @ 130 ft, e troll @ 3.8 mph, 235 fow, Raspberry Dolphin SS

Steelhead - 400 copper, ne troll @ 3.8 mph, 225 fow, Blue Whale SS

Brown Trout - Rigger @ 105 ft, ne troll @ 3.8 mph, 220 fow, Green Dolphin SS

King - Rigger @ 70 ft, s troll @ 4.0 mph, 160 fow, Raspberry Dolphin

Just needed a coho to complete a "grand slam".


The two steelhead were pretty big and strong - and the king fought really well too. We'll have to see if the wind and waves bring a thermocline back before the lake temps drop too much.

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