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I just bought a box lot of salmon gear at an auction, several useful items ie: dipseys, spin doctors, jet divers, flies & ect. The question I have there was 20 of these set ups also in the box, and I have no clue on how & what to use them on or with. Any suggestions, Thanks Rudey


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I was mostly curious what they were used for. They were in a box with 4- 124 Walker deeper divers w/snubbers, 15- L J Dodgers, 6- Jet divers sz. 20,30&40, asst. flies & 4 Bomber lures. All like new, a lot of BPS tags. I totaled up over $300.00 worth of stuff for $35.00. Yes it has had a "little" use but not much, paint & hardware still in tack. Doesn't make me cry as loud when I lose something at that price. Rudey

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