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Drift fishing with a bobber?

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Done it for years, the video above is a good start. Works a lot better for steelhead in the spring than salmon in the fall imo. I also drift with bobber for steelhead wiht a small jig and grub (waxworm) this is very successful once you get the hang of it the jig must be just touching bottom and you twitch the rod as it floats down. its a twitch , twitch, float twitch twicth float type rythem and just deadly ussually pink head (1/16 or 1/8) with white feathers tipped with waxworm is most productive. Like everything there is a time and place this works early in the run up to when they start getting on beds then I switch to all sorts of flies and sometimes tip them with spawn or waxworm as well. Now salmon in the fall a very sucessful trick early is to put a very small egg pattern on your hook and then run a full crawler behind it but this only works for the first couple of weeks. A lot of folks do it now but back in the day at 6th street folks use to laugh at me and my buddy when they would see use pull out crawlers but not for long once they saw us out fishing them all. this wasnt with bobber though. Deadly when salmon first come in. Good luck practice practice practice drift has got to be perfect for the above mentioned steelhead tactic wether spawn floating or jig. oh another note use slip bobbers so you can adjust and get the bag or jig just touching (bouncing) off bottom! Again good luck

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