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I noticed a real lack of reports lately, so I felt like i should.

Went out at 6AM, set lines in 50FOW, riggers, wire and braid divers, and short coppers. Started marking bait and fish, no takers. Headed west, worked out to 165, worked back into 30FOW.

Here's what worked:

Here's what didn't:

Meat, flies, spoons, plugs, riggers, divers, copper. Went the whole season without a skunk, until today. One guy claimed 5 for 5. other than that it sounded pretty rough.

There were plenty of boats.

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Went out the 13th and we had same trip as you. Not many talking on radio either. This they might have ran already. This cold weather and all the heavy rain we had lately I wouldn't doubt it. Oh well it's deer hunting time now! Thanks for the report!

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We were on a pleasure ride last night, but did troll the channel and outside the mouth of the Kalamazoo in Saugatuck. We caught/saw nothing but more than that, no one was fishing the pierheads and no one came in at dark--There were some 4' waves...but I expected that someone would be out there if the fish were (still) there to be caught. Has anyone caught Salmon yet in the channel? I may have missed it but haven't seen any posts.

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