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Fished south of harbor. Set up in 80'. Trolled west 250 degrees out to 120'. Marked fish but no bites.From the chatter on the radio, not a lot of bites overall. Those AM fishermen must have caught most of the fish. Had a bullet type hit on my blue splatter back j-plug on a 200'  45# copper on a board and a short release. I moved out into deeper water 165'. DR went off 78' down trolling monkey puke fly with crush glow sd at 2.6 SOG west to east 115 troll. Cranked in a huge lake trout, which laid over from end to end   the entire net as it bowed in the middle filling it. As I tried to pull him in, the he shook the hook and got free. The only fish caught of the night got away. Heart breaking. The lake was extremely calm. We marked more fish deeper than shallower. Hope the weather improves for the weekend.



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I feel your pain! I also went 1 for 1 on a meat rig (13# king), wire diver back 156 in 145 fow out of Grand Haven.

Marked a decent amount, enjoyed watching them come up to the riggers but not taking my offering!

I did mark a bunch of fish about 30' down in 110 fow after sunset ~ but all had lockjaw!

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