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Well had the pleasure of Dirty dog fishing with me on the JimBobber last night and a couple of other good buddys out of Holland . We started north of the harbor in 85 fow and trolled north and picked up 4 coho on meat rigs on diver and plugs on 300 copper ,turned to the south and as we got about straight out of Holland started to take hits from kings, mostly on plugs had two break off on rigger down 60 with green glow black ladder back j plugs :( picked away at em til dark and ended 8 for 14ish??? what worked ;

green glow black ladder back j plug on rigger down 60

blue glow black ladder back on diver back 200

white slick spin doctor pickle sunshine flie on 300 copper

meat rig on low diver cant remember the set up tho.

and I think we also took hits on a wonder bread plug .

worked 90 to 105 fow mostly on a south troll.

thanks to Terry for riding along last night it was a blast. :thumb:

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