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Sunk boat in South Haven on Sunday

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I passed by the capsized boat on my way back in from catching a few perch... Sheriff was on the scene and also the capsized boat owner, the owner yelled to me "not having a good day" I replied "yep looks like it" as I pulled into the municipal marina I met up with the tow boat capt. (Super nice guy) he told me that the guy forgot to put his drain plug in... I assumed that the capsized boat was an older boat like mine and it requires to be outside the boat to screw the plug in....

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Sure am glad I have never done that - recently. Thank god I was still tied up to the dock, but had already parked the truck. It took me a couple of minutes of wondering why the bilge pump was running to get to that oh crap moment. Don't believe I ever moved that fast to get the trailer back under the boat and up the ramp. Sure seemed like it took a lot longer for the water to drain out that it took to get in.

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