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Walleye Saginaw Bay Thursday 8-28-2014

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I fished with Tom D, Chuck A, and Rocky D. We started in 2-2-1/2 foot waves and the bite was slow. The waves died down to about a 6" chop and the bite died. At first we were picking up some high and low fish. When the waves subsided the high fish disappeared from the graph and we took only 1 fish after that. We ended the morning with 12 walleye a couple of perch and 3 cats. The day was beautiful when we left but a chilly 40 something when we started. Good people good stories, and good times. We fished 12-20 FOW. The pics are compliments of Rocky D. I forgot my hat and camera. I always have an extra hat aboard. We ran 8 Offshore boards and two down rods to start and expanded to 10 boards as the waves subsided. 1oz bb off the boards and 3 oz bb on the down rods.:) I'll probably get out once or twice after the holiday and will lay Priority1 up until next Spring. It's been a very good year. :)





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