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3/6 on the 27th, all the fish came between 100 fow -110.

White paddle/ white fly on a rigger down 75 - 17lb king, lost a laker

kato on 250 copper 9 lb steelhead

wonderbread j-plug 300 copper 7 lb king

two misses on a blue bubble sd/fly on a dipsy back 150

5/5 on the 28th took two early in 70 fow the rest were spread out from 90 to 120 only took fish on a west troll 2.2 -2.4 sog

green splatterback plug on 225 copper, two 15 lb kings

White paddle/ white fly on a rigger down 50, 8 lb steelhead

caramel dolphin on a slider on a rigger down about 40, 5 lb steelhead

kato on a 200 copper, 10lb laker

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