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Port Sheldon 08-27 AM

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Went 10-14 with two of us in the boat. 175-210 FOW and West troll was it. Only one fish on any other direction. 2.6-3.0 at the ball was also key. Any slower and we were washing lures.

Rigger down 80 with a Dreamweaver SS Hello Darlin was good for five.

Wire dipsy set one back 200, with a Dreamweaver 11" UV slick with a KRW Riverside was good for one and a miss.

300 cu with a purple and gold tomic one and a miss

300 cu with a silver j plug good for one.

Rigger down 75 with a 11" dreamweaver green glow and KRW Riverside for one.

10 color lead with a R&R smash mouth was a hit and miss.

300 cu with a moonshine raspberry carbon hit and a miss

300 cu with a Stinger standard UV blue dolphin took one.

Good luck out there


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