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ludington 8/22 and 8/23

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Sorry the post is a little late but her it is. We fished from 5am-11am both days and caught 8 fish both days. Friday we went 8-13 and Saturday we went 8-11. The fish were all very good size which made for some fun fishing. The 8 fish Saturday added up to being over 110 pounds so it was fun plus we got a guy out there that has never caught a salmon before. We caught the fish between the bath house and the point in 100-130 FOW on mostly everything. I would have to say small white plugs caught the most fish. I think they took a total of 7 fish and spoons took another 4 and meat/flys took the rest. The fishing seemed to really really slow for most people or at least that's what the DNR officer told us. He said the average catch was two fish which is rather worrisome. Hopefully it keeps getting better. Sorry this post is rather brief so if you have any questions then just ask and ill answer when I have more time.

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