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Fished 5am- 6pm. Long hot day, fishing was slow in the morning and it made sense just to stay out and try to find some fish. Best depth was 180 to the south. North troll at 2.8 SOG. First time with 5 species in the cooler. Finished 11 for 14 for the two of us. Had a double at the end and threw a coho back. We kept 1 brown, 1 laker, 1 steelhead, 5 kings, and 2 coho.

300' copper blue cow/ Casper flasher

Wire high diver back 250' 10" sd show time / cold steel

Wire high diver back 280' 8" sd live is good/ clear green

Ms bloody nose on swr down 80

Green glo plug down 50

150' copper Ss evil alewive

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A SLAM...nice work. In all the years I've been out there I've not yet managed a slam. Great job and thanks for the report.

Thanks, the steelhead was out 10th fish and we were pumped. I came close on a Huron slam this year missing a coho. I did see that Glen put a Pink in the boat that same night so there is a mixed bag of all the species!!! Surprised we only had 1 king starting to color up.

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Good Job Corey, that was a long Day on the water, Hope you brought lunch or maybe the grill out with you.

Yep long day w/biting flies... We normally do "bankers hour" trips to avoid the crowds at the launch and cleaning stations but, wanted to try the pre dawn action..

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You've got to Quit doing that Boltman, or do you? I know a couple of guys recently off our docks and others, that went out all nite fishing past dawn, and it worked during the most recent full moon. Depart 8pm, return 8am for example. One guy got good action at 3:30am and again at 5am. Took 12 fish for 17 bites. So now, you don't have any excuses anymore...lol. Some other guys left the bar and went out at 3am and also did well a couple of years ago, but I don't recommend that condition for fishing, at least for the capt..

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No doubt .... We've thought about fishing well into the morning and well we've gotten back at 1:00 am ..... It's hard to get up when your woman is right beside you ..... And you know laying next to your woman is always better than landing a stinky Salmon any morning .... Hahaha we're Going to do some morning fall fishing though . Probably in ludington

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