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surf casting rods


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I'm interested in picking up a couple surf casting rods and looking for input on brand and where to buy them. Interested in used also. I'm thinking about 12' rods and good sized reels. Thanks for any advice. To be used to cast spawn bags.

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...and how much you love it. I have a nearly unreal collection of pier and surf rods; but I get sea sick, so I don't troll. Guy's that are in the know that notice my tackle think I'm an idiot for using it on the pier.

The G.Loomis IMX SK1601 is 13' 4", three piece rod rated 4-8 pound line has an amazing action that exhibits very little tip drop with a 1.5 oz sinker; but at about $350; it ought to not only have great action; it should clean your fish too.

True 12 footers right now are somewhat uncommon, I've got a couple of Lamiglas s-glass 12's that are great fun; but cannot handle more than a 1.5 oz sinker even with a lob cast.

Diawa used to make a composite 12 that made a decent surf rod, but I have not seen any in a while.

I think if you horse around on Amazon you might find the 12 that Fenwick started to launch last year, but then pulled back (maybe $110), and Shimano makes a 12.5 footer that's a nice rod for about $80. I think those are all 2 piece; which creates it's own transportation issues. Someone told me about a 12 footer from Cortland (maybe on fishusa?), but I've never seen it.

As for the reels, the new Shimano bait runner is nice at about $110, nothing really terrible with Cabela's salt striker bait feeder for $65 in the 40 size for the less spendy, the Okuma avenger in the same size is about the same cost and about the same reel.

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