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Sent: Tuesday, August 19, 2014 2:03 PM

Subject: Fw:

Tom just got the spoons in the water last night. Had the Black Ops & Head Hunter Glow on the riggers at 100ft down in 174ft of water. No knockoffs on the Black Ops. At 6:00 pm had a knockoff on the Head Hunter and missed it. At 7:10 pm we got or 2nd knockoff on the Head Hunter Glow and 30 minutes later I netted a beautiful 16.1 lb 31 inch splake for my brother Mike. You can bet that spoon will be stuck on that rigger all year now. Thanks Tom beautiful spoons. Will be purchasing backups tonight. Thanks again Tom Cline


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Hi Boog -

Tom brought this one into the DNR office to ID. I had to Google it, looks like the Splake's tail fork is not as deep and more rounded than a Lake Trout's, get's that trait from the Brook Trout - also Tom mentioned this one was a pound or so shy of the MI state record, so very excited for him - very cool!

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