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Another phenomenal night on the water for us. A little lumpy and a little wet above the water but the fishing was great.

Left the peirs at 6 and took our time motoring out to 90 FOW a little south. Started to set up and had or first fish on before we got 4 rods in the water. After that we got everything setup and kept on a 210 heading. Didn't turn around until a little after 8:15 when we wanted to get a little closer to home. Had steady action all night with most of our hits coming deep (70' +) and the majority on meat, although we did get a couple hits on a flasher/fly combo on the 300 and a couple on a Mag Green Dolphin on the rigger. Hi-light of the night was accidentally popping the rigger at the end of the night trying to adjust the depth and having our big fish (19.3) hit it as I was cranking it in, that really gets the blood flowing :thumb: Ended up finishing 9 for 13 with a couple nice kings, a bunch of cookie cutters, and a decent laker.

What worked

SW troll at 2.1 SOG

Chrome/Green 10" SD w/ green squid/uv head meat rig 70-95 down on rigger - HOT

Mag green dolphin 70 down on rigger

Green Slush 10" SD w/ green/uv meat rig 180 back on diver

Green/yellow/chrome/white tape 8" protrol with mirage fly on 300 cu

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Hey Ben - What depth did you do best at? Thanks

I wouldn't say any depth really stood out, we were catching them all night. If I had to say it would probably be 110 - 125 is where most of our fish came but we were in that depth for a long time.

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We were out in the same water last night as well and I would agree, the fishing was outstanding. We picked up two right away, had a lull for 20 minutes, and then from 7:45 until dark it was a fire drill. For the last hour before dark we had a maximum of 4 lines in the water because each time we'd set one down it would get hit within 5 minutes. Many doubles and rods laying all over the boat. Luckily we lost minimal tackle. The final count was 15-23, many 10 lb fish but five being 14+. Don't forget to run meat :).

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