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Holland Aug.17 revenge!

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Well after the antics that ole Charlie Tuna played on the ladies of the DIRTY DOG II Saturday I decided to get a little revenge.

I left the dock around 5:30 with Gnarf and my good friend Dennis.

We headed out to 80 fow a little north and turned and went on a sw troll.

As soon as we hit 110 fow we started to see the down temps start to drop so we leveled off to a 190 degree troll and started taking fish ,"FAST"!

The next 2 hrs were all a blur as we went 10 for 14 , and finished the morning around 11:30 going 16 for 24 , and letting a 6 lb coho go that was caught while pulling lines.:thumb::grin:

Here is the hot set ups.


  1. size 4 blue black ladder back j- plug
  2. 10" double pearl glow spin dr and blue moo moo meat rig


  1. blue bubble paddle and blue bubble glow fly
  2. green dot spin dr and home made meat rig


  1. sog glow silver streak
  2. white double pearl slick and pickled sunshine fly
  3. lite green double pearl glow spin dr and picked sunshine fly

to be continued........

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Part two , for some reason I can only load 3 pics to a thread . sorry.:rolleyes:


  1. Hot lobster silver streak
  2. blue flounder pounder
  3. Fat Nancy spin dr and pickled sunshine fly

and the catch.



Best water was 110 to 115 and the best troll by far was 190 degrees. with a sog. of 2.3 on top witch in turn was a 2.5 at the ball.

Thanks to all that came out to fish this weekend it was great!!!:thumb::grin:

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What's keepin' you off?:(

We have no fish down south here in Indiana unless you go 30 miles offshore and haven't had time to head back up into MI.That is changing this weekend though we are heading up to New Buff or St. Joe to get some HOGS:thumb:

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