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Lost lower unit


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Need some advice... I recently hit an unmarked rock in Canada that took off my lower unit on my 2003 Mercury 115 hp 4 stroke. Sucky trip to say the least. Is this sort of damage repairable??? It goes into the shop Monday. Just wondering if anyone has advice or what to expect. I do have insurance, just don't want to fix it and have it have issues, I never had a problem before. Is it even a thought to just replace it and buy new??? Any thoughts or advice would be greatly appreciated!!!


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Get ready to spend ALOT of money. I bet a good USED lower unit will still cost 1500+ dollars(and that would be on the cheap side).

I'm no expert but if you hit that hard I don't know if a new/used unit would still be able to bolt up to the main part of the body. ??? If you do have insurance might be worth a whole new/used/replacement engine. My insurance would not cover hitting a submerged object. Good luck bud,...I fear your going to need it.

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Sorry to hear about that Jeff. Glad you have insurance that covers that sort of thing. I think I will double check mine tomorrow.

I have not been out much this year. Hoping to get on the water the next couple weekends. Hit me up if you are interested in getting out.

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