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Any help would be appreciated!

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Based on reports I've got and heard 100-150fow meat rigs if you got em. Otherwise flasher flys, mag spoons and flounder pounder 5-7-10 color lead 150-300 copper. Divers back 100-200. Riggers down 40-70.. Don't be afraid to start in a little tight 60-100 and the big boys are starting to stage. And water near bottom at that depth is cold enough to hold fish... Hope this helps. Good luck

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We fished yesterday morning in 120 to 170 fow. We marked a ton of fish in the top 50 feet and several in the 60 to 100 feet range. We ran a good deal of meat, spinnies and flies, spoons and plugs. Had hits on all of them. We ended 4/8 with three big steel head and a 15 pound laker, no salmon. I think the big kings were there just not feeding. We had been doing quite well on meat rigs in the same water last weekend and late last week. I think if we would have been running a steel head program instead of a king program we would have taken a few more of them. If you are looking for salmon I would set up in 100fow and work out from there until you find them. If they don't cooperate put out a double orange crush on a three color and catch some steelhead. Good luck. I hope this helps.

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