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Fished from 6:30 till 1:00 going 5-9 with 3 kings and 2 steelhead. Started in 80fow and ended up in 220. Kings came in 90-110 steelhead were 190-210.

RV mag flounder pounder on a 225 cu 11lb king

Silver streak rainbow alewive 45dn on a rigger 8lb king

Silver streak mag blue line on a 8 color 14lb king

DW SS double orange crush on a 5 color 2 4lb steelhead

lost a nice steelie on a 75cu with a DW SS jawbreaker, and had swings and misses on the 8 color blueline, rigger at 50 with a mag kato, and a blue and chrome SD with a BW special Ops fly 110 back on a low braid diver. Nothing on meat or plugs. Found a small scumline in 200-220. Can't seem to get my divers going anybody else having this problem??

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Great job! How long are your leads from diver to flasher/spoon/plug? All I run now are the clear slide divers on wire with 50ft leads (with the only exception being for cohos sometimes in the spring). We connect 2-3ft of 65lb braid to the end of the wire then 50ft of 30lb mono to that with the diver sliding on the mono section. down to a bead/swivel. We have a short 4ft 20lb leader off the swivel to the flasher/spoon/plug. We use the 7oz weight and mag ring to convert the diver to a magnum when not fishing the skinny water. These setups have been taking about half our fish on recent trips.

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I run 6-8 foot leads to the flasher/spinnie. I did set up a braid slide diver this spring but honestly haven't given it much time in the water. My divers in the past years have been the best rods on the boat with the 6-8ft leads.

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