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Fished 5 pm until 10 pm and ended up 4-5 with 1 lake trout, 1 coho, and 2 kings. We started slightly north of Holland in 100 fow and started marking lots of fish. I was running mostly flasher flies and meat rigs, and the fish were coming up to inspect but I couldn't get any to hit those. Tried various directions and speeds - the current was pretty strong. We hit all our fish around 100 - 120 fow.

What worked:

Mag Streak Blue Dolphin - Full Core - NE troll 2.3 mph at the ball. Lake Trout.

Moonshine Mag (yellow edges?) - Full Core - NW troll 2.7 mph. Laker? (Lost this one - and found strip of mouth flesh on the spoon)

Moonshine Flounder Pounder - Downrigger @ 50 ft. S troll 3.3 mph. Coho

Moonshine Mag (yellow edges?) - Full Core - S troll 3.0 mph. King.

Moonshine RV Std Bloody Nose - 200 Copper - E troll @ 3.7 mph. King.

Both kings were mature fish, but only about 8 lbs or so.


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