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Stony Lake to Little Point

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Took the famy to Ludington by boat for vacation. We decided to set down at Stony Lake and fish to Little Point. Setting lines in 100 fow at 8:30. Took two bites right away. Then from 9-10:30 is was nuts. We could not keep the divers in the water. We ended the flurry at 6-10. The 3 biggest were 18,14,11. Lost 2 other screamers. Mostly a spinny bite. Awesome fishing!

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I'm pretty sure that your closest port will be Ludington. Maybe Pentwater. ... Been a while since I was down there...

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The closest port to little sable pt is Pentwater. I launched at the ramp on stoney creek below stoney lake and it is just a hundred yards or so from the lake and it is closer than Pentwater. Now for the bad......the ramp had a really bad multiple angle to it and with my low style trailer I was almost not able to launch. Next bad.......I was there about a month ago when the water was high and we had to get two of us out of the boat on the way out and three of us out on the wagy back in. I have a 17 ft. aluminum open bow Monark so it is a little on the heavy side compared to most but I would make sure you have a back up plan and not do it in the dark. Ramp permit is required and can be purchased at the Stoney lake store on the west end of the lake near the ramp.


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