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there is a whole lot of buoys to check

Ludington 90 FOW


Muskegon 76 FOW


N LK MI Buoy


S LK MI Buoy


Holland Buoy (This is the one I think got hit)


Also satellite temps when clear (if it shows black then temos are no good, if it shows grey then temps may or may not be correct - white view is clear and is most accurate).


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Does anyone have a good website that reads temperature? i ussually use gh steelheader.com but heard the bouy was hit by a boat and isn not working. any other sites you may recommend?

I was looking for the same thing since the water turned over from the blow last weekend.

This site from Mich State University has a lot of good information with regional maps of surface water temperature.


The link below is also another area of NOAA that has a tremendous amount of information you can get lost in. It has maps of winds, waves, currents, surface temps etc. You can drill down to information in real time and also past time animation. Just click on Lake Michigan.


This site also has some great web cam animation for ports of Muskegon and South Haven. Just click on web cams link in left panel.

Hope this helps. I am new to the site and hope to get out fishing over the next couple of weeks.

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