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Ludington 7-31 evening 6-9:30

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1 for 3 and the one wasn't a big one. it was a small king, which I released back. The two other hits were steelhead that threw our lures. The water temperature has really messed up the fishing. Not a lot of bites from most of the fisherman. Surface temp was 52-58 @ 40' it was 43, water depth was 150 -202 ' at the stick. SOG was 2-3 to 2-6. You can see the lure I caught the BIG KING on in the picture. All my hits came on 5-8 color leadcore. Fishing here was pretty much like being in a parade. Find a slot and fall in.

I hope the weather improves for fishing, but we will be leaving and not be able to enjoy it. Some guys did ok, but overall it was tough on the rest of us.


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dont feel bad. Me and my dad fish out of ludington. I travle down from frankfort and we have not had a great day of fishing all year. Most we could get in a trip has been four fish. I know how you feel. Frankfort has not been all that great either. Best day i have had up there is 8 for 12 and we had to go 16 miles offshore to find those fish.

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Yea Tuesday night at ludington we didn't do nothing. Wednesday morning we went 2/4 at manistee in 180 and Wednesday night we went 1/2 at north point Didn't see many fish being caught. Might run back up there if the fishing improves by sunday night. Some guys at the launch in manistee said they did very well couple of weekends ago.

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