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Port Austin Week of 7/13-7/20

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Great week of fishing, got out 3 times. Moved between 70 and 170 FOW. Went 8 for11, 6 for 9, and 2 for 4 (before being blown off water).

Interesting mix of Walleye, Steelhead, Lakers (several over 20 lbs) and 2 Nice Kings ( 8 and 10 lbs).

Lost a monster 25+lb Laker at the back of the boat... Net man error !! :mad:

all fish on Magnum spoons... Blue/Purple Alewive color, Blue and Green Dolphin, Double Orange Crush, Kevorkian were hot. Flies and spin/glo's did nothing. Probably 70% of our fish caught on either 10 color or on sliders that were about 50 feet down....

All my fish marks showed tons of fish between 40 and 60 FOW..... this was true regardless of depth... from 70 all the way to 220 FOW. Fish were somewhat scattered, but dense when found. I was again amazed as I am every year to catch walleye on 10 color in 70-120 FOW. Goby DW lure worked great on this... did catch one on a DW LemonLime.

Hope this helps.... IMO... Lake Huron fishery is great... great variety..the kings are scarce and elusive... but they are still there..... and the Lakers are getting big....Steelies are a ton of fun (did catch a nice 8 lber) and I agree with Frank/Priority one.... Walleye fishery is unmatched.

That's all...

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Very Nice!!!

I have to agree, we are doing awesome on this side of the lake as well.2 weekends ago we were 6 for 7,7 for 7 and 4 for 7 last Sunday. A buddy was 18 for 21 and a local charter was 20 for 30 yesterday.All around the 30-40 foot mark over 70-80 fow. Some perch caught as well.


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