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COLD water everywhere mid afternoon in Holland. at 60' it was 37.2 deg.

Marked a few 60 - 80 fow but nothing would go. Went out to 185 had a steelhead take a melon Ice on a 4c. Handed the rod off to buddy's son who lost it after 10min fight. Another hit a 100 copper and a bloody nose alewife that we landed. Nice lil 10lb Steelhead. Went out to 260, marked a bunch in the top 30' but no takers. Threw everything at them.

Fog came 9pm with a warm front and blinded us. We were way out and Visibility was nil. Had a heck of a time getting back inside the pier heads. Red and green lights at end of pier had to be right up on them to see them. all made it back safe. Was a learning experience for sure.

Last few trips out of Holland have been very disappointing to say the least. AM or PM.

Hope this helps someone

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