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7-25 and 7-26-2014 Saginaw Bay Walleye

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I fished Fri with Tom T, John V and John's grandsons TY and Zach. The kids were doing a good job reeling and netting fish. The bite was tough where we were at but fish were nice. The bigger fish were barely noticeable when they hit and swam with the boards. Thanks all for joining me. :)






Sat I fished with Kevin Chuck and Nick. We slowly pulled 19 walleye from the bay. Bouncers and meat like always. We had to find and stranded boater in the dark and tow him in. By the time we were done the DNR and CG were involved. Towing a boat through a set of unlit cans and up a river partially blocked by a barge was a bit of a challenge. Every one onboard was involved and it was a joint effort for sure. Two other boats helped us out with information and helping light up some danger spots. I was glad to make it home but stuff like that takes it's toll. I couldn't sleep most of the night. Rescue efforts in the dark is about 10 times more difficult than during daylight hrs.

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Had a great time Frank thanks alot would do it again minus the late night towing

After a few fish you guys were going at it like a well oiled machine. The help with towing the boat was awesome.:)

I'm sorry you had to be towed in with your boat.:( I hope the repairs are less than expected.

Thanks for breakfast as we waited out the storms.:)

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Thanks so much for the trip Frank. We all had a great time as always. Good to see and fish you and Tom again.

It's always a pleasure fishing with you and the boys. The boys are different as night and day but are both well mannered and helpful. I like to see them doing more and more on the back of the boat. It takes practice and it's our job to make sure they get that. You are a good grandfather to them. I know you were influential in what those lads have become. Keep on keeping on. :thumb: Thanks for your help.

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